Garry Steven Burry, CLTC®

Wealth Management Advisor


Garry is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. He and his wife Donna, and daughters Stephanie 26 and Alison 24 are happy to call Louisville their hometown.

Stephanie married Geoff Fries in August of 2018 and is now in Atsugi, Japan. Geoff, a new helicopter pilot in the Navy is stationed on the USS Ronald Regan with about 5999 other men and women. #stephwantsfrieswiththat

Alison graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN and is living there as well.

Garry's a 1974 graduate of Trinity High School.


Garry and Donna are founding parishioners of St. Patrick started on 6/22/88 and continue as active members of St.Patrick Catholic parish, in Eastern Jefferson County.





Garry has been a charter member of Legatus since October 2017.


Garry surprised his wife Donna and daughters Stephanie and Alison with customized shirts while on their family vacation. They sometimes call each other by their first name spelled backwards. When the girls were teenagers they always said that Burrys put the FUN in dysFUNctional.



Volunteer firefighter, 1975-1980


Donna and I attended the annual Generous Giving conference named Celebration of Generosity. Along with about 600 other folks, we went deep into Generosity. We really didn’t want to invest time and treasure into going but were so glad our friends twisted our arm. Check out the video on this link.








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